When was the first website built?

The first website to ever go online was http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html on the 6 August 1991, created by CERN.

How long has PumpkinPie been making websites?

We started building websites in 1995, less than four years after the first ever website was made.

How will a website benefit my business?

A website will expand your company profile, promote your image and increase volume of business and sales.  It will create new contacts and very likely new opportunities for growth and expansion. Depending on the type of business you're in, it may help you to expand into lucrative international markets.

Who else is using the web for business?

Everyone.  No matter how big, small, specialist or unlikely a business, it will have some form of web presence.  Whether it is a band with a myspace page or an epic scale web empire such as the BBC the internet is the first place people will expect to find them.  If you search the web for your business and find absolutely nothing, it's time to consider a website. 

How many people use the internet now?

We've been around for a while and we remember being excited about estimates that 100 million people were using the internet.  Not only that, but we expected that number to double within a year!  Well double it did; most recent figures are in the region of 1.8 billion users.

What type of companies has PumpkinPie built sites for?

So far we have not encountered a company whos website we could not build or accomodate.  One of the wonderful things about the web is that, because it really is for everyone, there is always something new to work on.  We've built websites for corporate businessess such as law firms, retail sites, wholesale sites, personal portfolio sites, indexing websites, gallery websites, informative and educational sites, the works.  Check out our Portfolio page to see some of our work for yourself.

Should i register my company name on the web?

Definitely. More than 400 companies are registering in the UK alone every week. You should register your name before someone else does. There are people making money by ripping off company names and then selling them back to them, so the sooner you get your company registered the better.  Email our team for more help on getting your preffered web address.

How long before i can be on the web?

As quickly as two weeks for smaller business sites. Larger, more complex sites might take longer, depending on your requirements.  If you're interested in having a website built tell us what exactly you want and we will give you a realistic estimate of how long it would take.





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